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Link-IT offers a range of Services to meet your needs. Essentially we are your one stop computing shop so you need look no further. Below is listed a summary of what we can do for your business:
  All office workstation and terminals
  Servers to manage your infrastructure
  Specialized high performance machines for video monitoring, multimedia and gaming.
  Pre-built or individual components
  Wired or wireless
  Fully installed / rebuilt or maintained
  All Administration functionality
  Sourcing and installing any hardware platform required
  Configuring the OS be it Windows, Unix, Linux etc.
  Setup full disaster recovery plan including secure offsite storage of backups
  Maintained and managed
  Sourced and installed
  Support and training
  Custom software developed
  ADSL sourced, installed and managed
  Custom e-mail solutions
  Outgoing/Incoming traffic monitored and managed
  Web sites designed, hosted and managed
  EBusiness possibilities

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